This feature is an additional function which can be used by account holders and non-account customers.We know that often time is of the essence, so we have our Same Day Booking Portal to make life easier.Our Booking Portal allows you, as our customer, to get instant quotes for shipping costs including mileage charges, congestion charges and vehicle size. Payment is then taken quickly via PayPal and you have the added option of generating a SmartConsign label and VAT invoice if required.
The Quick and Easy Process
  1. Generate a quote for shipping same day, taking into account mileage cost, minimum charge, congestion, vehicle size and distance.
  2. The portal advises of time to collection and ETA to destination prior to booking.
  3. Payment is taken via PayPal.
  4. SmartConsign label is generated if required.
  5. VAT Invoice is generated if required.