SmartConsign has a host of innovative features that streamline shipping and delivery management. So whether you're an SME or a multinational business, here are just a few ways the software can help your business:
  • Label Production
    SmartConsign was the first carrier management system and is the only company to standardize all label formats to 4 by 6 inches? You don't need to worry about which carrier you'll be using for each parcel - you can print off the same label for all of them. Call 0345 257 3005 for more information.
  • Cloud Storage
    As a web based solution, you'll never have to worry about installing or configuring new software or third party web controls and paying for expensive servers. Hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) the modern cloud application is speedy and resilient. All shipping data can be stored for up-to 10 years.
Address Updates
SmartConsign is integrated with the Royal Mail's PAF database to ensure accurate address look up. You'll also be able to find address data for 150 countries, so there's no limit to where you can ship.
Cost Control
SmartConsign's very powerful payment solution can be used to monitor your customer account spend on your own internal cost centres. Set department / user /client / carrier on Pre-pay, or give them a spend limit or overdraft.
Bespoke SaaS software
Our software can be easily tailored to fit your business, with branding capabilities for customer facing purposes.
To sign-up call 0345 257 3005 today.
Real Time Information
SmartConsign provides real time information: Price shipments at creation, management reports, KPIs, revenues, costs, transaction logs, etc. All this information is available at your fingertips 24/7.
User Security
There are seven different levels of security for different tiered employees. You can even lock the shipping management to a select address book.
Control Tower
A simple overview showing a summary of everything: shipments, exceptions, multi-site status review. Simply click to drill into the detail.
Friendly Customer Service
The software has a range of customer focused features making the use of it super easy. There's a search box for anything they can't find, and a single page for all order and tracking history across all couriers.
Shipment Types
Consignment / Mail / Pallet / Parcel / Own Driver / Same Day / National / International / Returns
Order Creation methods, Automation and File import
Whichever import methods you require we have it covered:
  • Manual input
  • API
  • XML
  • FTP
  • Manual Upload
  • Desktop Automation
Customisable Notification Engine
Triggers can be configured for custom alerts all automated from within SmartConsign. These can be customised with your branding for a professional look.
Rapid Performance
SmartConsign is the fastest! A bold statement but backed by solid testing.
  • Consignment generation (last test 100 in 3 seconds)
  • Label creation PDF (last test 100 in 3.4 seconds)
Support Ticket Management
A support ticket system allows users to communicate issues quickly and efficiently without having to pick up the phone. Tickets can be created to resolve issues such as lost or damaged shipments or system feature requests.
SmartConsign can be adapted to most languages, time zones, different currency, international character sets and customs requirements, including CN22 and CN23 customs documents for a specific market.
No Install
SmartConsign is 100% web based with nothing to install. Use it straight away with a Tablet, Smartphone or PC. Call 0345 257 3005 for more information.
Budget Control
Once you have set cost controls, specify what happens when limits are hit. You'll receive on screen and optional email notifications.
Rules Engine
SmartConsign rules are simple and granular - clients simply set rules based on weight, size, location, user, client, etc. You can modify rules as often as you require for purposes such as promotions, costs and carrier performance.
Drop Ship Label
Do you have your own vehicles? or maybe you require a label for internal movements. That's what Drop Ship Label is for, it's your own courier label with your logo.
Returns Management
With SmartConsign you control the entire journey of the workflow, from point of sale to delivery and returns. Customers can log onto the portal and access the simple ‘Return Your Order’ function to print off a label and return directly to the retailer.
Mobile Smart Devices
SmartConsign is incredibly fast & light and works efficiently on desktop and mobile.