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What is SaaS?
Software as a service (SaaS) – Software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. It is sometimes referred to as ‘on-demand software’ or ‘pay as you go software’. Usually there is no capital expenditure. SaaS products like SmartConsign are typically accessed via a web browser.

Is SmartConsign easy to use?
Yes, the dashboard is incredibly easy to use for all staff members. Functions and features are clear, and as a web based platform, navigating SmartConsign is just like navigating a website. You don’t need any additional software and it’s unlikely you will need to conduct training with staff members.

Are all my carriers integrated on the system?
Most likely, yes. We work with the industry’s most respected national and international carriers and delivery companies. Moreover, SmartConsign is carrier agnostic so you can see neutral data about each carrier including costs, effectiveness and service levels.

What does 100% carrier agnostic mean?
We use this term to explain that we are an independent platform and don’t favour any of the carriers on the system. None of the couriers have paid a fee to connect.

Is our data safe in the cloud software?
We have taken every step possible to ensure SmartConsign is both highly available, robust and a very secure system. SmartConsign is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to give the system and the data stored the highest possible resilience. SmartConsign retains 10 years of carrier data on its secure servers.

Will I have ongoing tech support?
SmartConsign is designed to be user-friendly and therefore requires very little support. However, if you or your customer have a problem, a support request can be raised directly within SmartConsign.

What is drop shipping?
Drop shipping also known as SDF (supplier direct fulfillment) or vendor direct fulfillment is a type of delivery supply model whereby a third party takes the costs of inventory and shipping of a product, but the marketing and customer service support for the product is handled by another supplier.